Born to Dream

December 18, 2017

“Mary treasured all these things, giving careful thought to them and pondering them in her heart.”
Luke 2:19 AMP

This is the joyous season when we celebrate the birth of God’s dream for humankind.

God seeded His Word—His Dream—in Mary and that dream “became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

What is the dream God has seeded in you?

God is the ultimate Dreamer—He dreamed of you before you were born.

He had a vision, a dream, of the entire universe before He spoke it into existence.

And He has a dream for you that He planted in your heart before you entered the stage of His story unfolding on earth.

Before I shaped you in the womb,
I knew all about you.
Before you saw the light of day,
I had holy plans for you.”

Jeremiah 1:5 MSG

As His child “made in His own image” (Gen. 1:27), you were born to dream.

If you’ve lost your capacity to dream, I want to help you dream again.

I want to empower you to play the leading role in the epic story God has purposed for you at this time in History.

Watch The Story of the Dreamer.

God can use the most mundane and meager of circumstances to transform and prosper you.

In fact, the most unassuming and humble of instruments are what He prefers to use for His glory—from a shepherd boy anointed to be king to an ordinary girl who gave birth to the King of kings.

And Mary said, “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for the Mighty One has done great things for me.”
Luke 1:46-47, 49 NIV

God wants to do great things for you and through you…no matter where you are now or where you’ve been.

Whether you find yourself hiding in a cave, at the bottom of a pit, in the back of a dungeon, or next to a dried up brook, God has a bigger story for you.

He has a bigger dream He wants to see birthed through you.

God is about transformation. He is calling you to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

Don’t let other people tell you how to think.

I want you to break free from the limitations imposed by those around you, or even what you’ve come to believe about yourself.

When you change your beliefs , you change your whole being.

Most of us have been taught to do rather than be

…to be satisfied with the status quo instead of dreaming for something more.

In my new book, History Maker, I show you how you can expand your paradigm so that you can expand your dreams.

From the book:

Jesus came to give us a new paradigm.

In essence, He was saying, “A new paradigm I give to you, a new way of being. Walk in this, and all you ever need to know will be provided—all your needs will be met, and you will live a life beyond your greatest dreams.”

When Jesus came to earth preaching about the coming of a new kingdom—the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven—He was, in fact, trying to spread a new worldview. He was trying to shift people’s paradigms. The reality they knew was based on dog-eat-dog conquest and exploitation, but He wanted to teach them a reality based on selfless love and personal empowerment…

Why does this matter? Because whatever is keeping you from your dreams is something you don’t yet know, something you haven’t yet done, or a discipline you haven’t yet built into your life. You are missing that key bit of wisdom because your worldview isn’t open to finding or accepting what that might be…

Thus the question is not “What is the one thing I need to know or receive?” but “Am I open to learning, and am I on the right path to discovery and discipline?”

If you are, then what you need will come to you, and the change could transform you from an employee to an employer, from someone on welfare to the founder of a fund that sends others to college and supports nonprofits working to end poverty. The change can be so dramatic that the rest of the world will see you as an overnight success, even though you have spent years in focused pursuit.

We must do everything we can to encourage imagination…to dream impossible dreams and to know that [we] have the capacity within [ourselves] to create something better.
—Vincent Harding

From The Story of the Dreamer:

When life hits you the hardest don’t ask, “Why me?”….say, “Try me!”

You can’t change your past, but you can shape your future.

You can refocus, retrain, and reinvent yourself. Each and every day you have an opportunity to write your own epic story.

Don’t think you have to win every fight to become a champion—because champions aren’t made in the moment, they’re made in the sum of wins and losses that make up a lifetime.

We are all dreamers.

Dreams are the stuff this world is made of.

Dreams influence the choices we make and the actions we take.

We must learn to use our dreams as life’s narrative; to reinvent ourselves and to push forward.

You and I have the power to write history.

Learn how you can write history by getting your copy of History Maker now.

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