As a global ministry, CTMI is dedicated to the service of humanity.

For over twenty years, CTMI has worked to fulfill its mandate of renewing the spiritual and social contract of the Church to the world and its communities. With the primary goal of expanding the Kingdom of God, CTMI is driven by our focus on the Christ-centered message of empowerment—and to this end, trains and mobilizes individuals to promote the Kingdom within their spheres of influence for the betterment of humanity.

Matthew 4:17, 23; Mark 16:15-18; Isaiah 61:1-6


We will leave a legacy of faith. We will continually pursue a mission that requires big faith. To this end, our words and actions will  promote these faith-oriented goals.

We are a people of prayer. We are strategic because we are obedient; therefore we accomplish more by doing less.

Worship & Service
Our worship songs are the inspiration and the expression of a lifestyle dedicated to serving God by serving others. Our service to God is our greatest form of worship and is at the center of everything we do as believers. We are contributors not consumers.

Global Vision & Local Impact
We believe that global change starts in small communities. We will impact world systems and global markets by empowering individuals within local communities. We reach the world one person at a time.

We believe that the favor of God is directly connected to our obedience, character, honesty, and transparency. We strive to maintain Christian ethics that reflect the culture of the Kingdom of God and the personality of our Creator as described in the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.

We invest in the next generation. We create and pass on generational blessings spiritually, financially, and educationally.

We believe that every individual has been given all they need to fulfill their purpose in the form of unrealized potential. We maximize potential by activating a person’s individual gifts and abilities through our Kingdom-based empowerment strategies. We celebrate each person’s significance.

We understand that our purpose is directly connected to the problems that we have been called to solve. Problems are divine opportunities to prosper. We refuse to complain when confronted with problems. Instead, we create solutions and celebrate the promotion that will inevitably result.

We believe in capacity building, because when ordinary people are empowered to maximize their potential, they produce extraordinary results. Giving increases our capacity to be and do more. In order to grow and expand we give extravagantly-we give of our time, talent, and treasure. Every human being has the ability to contribute to the health and prosperity of their community by engaging in a capacity-building process.

We are committed to the creation of supportive and safe environments that welcome a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and cultures. With this in mind, we understand the power of “team work” and “corporate responsibility” in fulfilling the unique vision and mandate we’ve been given.