Break Through to the Realm of Prosperity!

April 1, 2019

If there’s one message the enemy comes against, it’s the message of prosperity.

God wants to show you Kingdom principles for living in a wealthy place.

I don’t want you to compromise your vision for lack of provision! You are going to be able to build financial margin in your life so you can fulfill God’s original plan and purpose—you won’t have to wonder how you’re going to underwrite the vision God has given you. 

This is the last day you will feel as if you must minimize your dream because of an income stream!

I decree you will have the resources and capital to underwrite whatever vision God drops in your spirit—and an overflow to underwrite the Kingdom-inspired visions of others. You will learn to activate the principles of Kingdom economics and biblical finance to bring Heaven’s dreams and visions to pass!


Read Haggai 1:6-11

What do we learn from this passage of scripture?

How might you have experienced what Haggai describes here?

Discuss how we can adjust our motivations and mindsets to access productive wealth?

Read Matthew 28:12

What is the number one reason why people don’t receive a return on their giving?

If it’s not the lack of money that creates poverty, what is it?

Discuss how most people convert money into the wrong things. Instead, what types of things should we be investing in?

Read Deuteronomy 15:10 and 30:9

What do we learn about God’s will from these verses?

Discuss five things we must understand about money if we are to truly prosper.

What repels and attracts wealth?

Read Job 1:1-3

What do we learn from Job about the power of our emotional energy?

How can you reframe your goals and motivations to strategically target your energy?

Discuss three actions steps you will take this week to break through to the realm of prosperity.

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