Stir Up The Greatness Within!

October 1, 2018

“You will increase my greatness
and comfort me again.”

Psalm 71:21 ESV

Welcome to the month of October!

We are now in the tenth month of the year—the number “10” being significant in biblical numerology because it is the number of completion.

Ten is the number of completeness in divine order…the symbol of matter in harmony.

There is so much to celebrate and be excited about in the weeks and months ahead!

I’ve had such incredible revelation about what is in store for the people of God in the coming year…

And I’ll be sharing all of it at the End Your Year Strong Empowerment Summit December 7-8!

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Not only am I excited to walk alongside each of you in living and leading from a God-inspired vision, but 2019 will be a pivotal year on so many other levels.

Major shifts are happening in the Church and nations of the world—and the vision you craft will be a large part of that.

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God is making good on His promise to increase your greatness in the year ahead.

Another translation of Psalm 71:21 states “add to my greatness” (NLV)—a biblical example of how God is about you being great! 

He wants you to help Him stir up the greatness within you!

“You will make me greater than ever,
and you will comfort me again.”

Psalm 71:21 NCV

As I travel the world ministering, I’ve discovered that the biggest challenge is getting people to embrace their own inherent greatness.

The enemy conspires to keep you in a place of resisting, if not denying, that greatness.

It is so difficult for most people—especially most believers—to affirm that greatness within their own minds, and as a result, with the words they speak about themselves.

You must align your words with who you aspire to become.

Never allow yourself to think or say such things as, “I’m not all that great”—or “I’m not as good as…(so & so or such & such).”

How can you begin to stir up the greatness within you if the words you speak are completely contrary?

The first thing you must do in allowing God to increase your greatness is to line up your words with His Word that He is increasing your greatnessadding to itmaking you greater than ever (see Psalm 71:21 ESV, NLV, NCV)!

What one thing can you change that will change everything?

You can make a decision.

You can make a decision to align your words with God’s Word concerning you.

You can choose to change your mind—change your paradigm—concerning His promise as it pertains to your purpose and potential. 

This is faith.

Simple as that. 

Do you believe God is increasing you?

Do you believe God is adding to your greatness?

Do you believe God is at work…day in and day out…conspiring to make you greater than ever?

What does greatness look like to you?

This is why you need to tap into a God-inspired vision.

And why you must avail yourself to implementing strategies that will bring that vision to pass.

Don’t wait on other people, circumstances, or God to stir up your greatness; it is up to you to make a series of greatness-defining  decisions.

In our last 4 Points Broadcast, I presented ten areas you must deliberately activate your power to choose. 

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I taught in detail about how it is incumbent upon each person to stir up the greatness within—and how.

I identified the ten areas in which each of us must exercise our decision-making power. You alone have the power to choose any outcome you desire to experience. 

You are always one decision away from living the life of your dreams. 

God gives you the power of choice.

He requires you to make a decision.

Jesus asked the withered man lying beside the pool waiting all those 38 years, “Do you want to be made well?” (John 5:6 NKJV).

“When Jesus saw him lie…he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole?”
John 5:6 KJV

What do you want?

What is it your will that should happen?

What do you want (as in “could line up your will with”) that Jesus might do for you?

Do you want Him to increase your greatness?

He is only limited by the extent you exercise your power of choice.

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This is your season of increase!

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