Think Like A Visionary

March 4, 2019

Discussion Guide

Before beginning, pray and invite the Holy Spirit into your midst.

Read Ezekiel 12:22-24, 27b

Discuss the concept of “Fake News” in relation to this verse.

Have you experienced this type of “Fake News” in relation to your life?

What did God tell Ezekiel to do…and why?

What is the causal realm?

Therefore, what do your dreams and visions represent?

Read Daniel 2:28-45

What do we learn that all superpowers have common?

With all of the resources and opportunities we have in this generation, why do you think there are so few visionaries?

What should we be asking God to give us a vision for? What does this require us to do—or to have?

What is meant in this context by the Stone Age?

What do we learn about the power of vision from Tokien’s Lord of the Rings?

How is the Kingdom of God taken?

Read and discuss Deuteronomy 29:29

Close in prayer.

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