See It To Seize It!

August 20, 2018

“Look as far as you can see in every direction—north and south, east and west. I am giving all this land, as far as you can see…”
Genesis 13:14-15 NLT

In the Scripture above, God is speaking to Abraham about vision.


Because his capacity to inherit what God had for him was contingent upon his ability to see it.

Vision is perhaps the single most important spiritual force in the world.

It is the force that has shaped our world and fostered the progress of humanity.

By the sheer force of a vision, lives are enhanced, purpose is actualized, and potential is maximized.

In fact, the only thing limiting you is your ability to see.

Could you be where you are because that’s where you’ve seen yourself? 

What are you seeing? Where are you directing your attention?

The power of your focus is extraordinary.

The discipline of managing your attention and directing your mind’s eye will empower you like nothing else.

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Stop looking at what’s wrong and begin seeing what’s possible!

The journey to a better tomorrow begins with learning how to see with new eyes—how to see past tomorrow to a better future—and like Abraham, learning to see beyond your lifetime to the generations yet to come.

“I am giving all this land, as far as you can see, to you and your descendants.”
Genesis 13:15 NLT

Vision is the single most potent force that shapes our collective and individual lives.

And all it requires is actively harnessing and directing the eye of your mind—your imagination.

We all have the God-given ability to imagine, and like any muscle, we must properly exercise it.

Your mind is an idea-generating, innovative machine.

The mind has no lids nor limitations, except those that have been self-imposed.

Your mind is powerful and can propel you to do extraordinary things—once you understand how to train and strengthen its capacity to see; to tap into your own divine “insight.”

The word insight originally meant “sight with the eyes of the mind, mental vision, understanding from within.”

Directly translated from its Middle English roots, insight simply means “inner sight.”

You must learn to cultivate your inner vision.

One insight is all it takes to create a beautiful work of art. One spark of inspiration is all it takes to score a symphony. One vision for something better is all it takes to change the trajectory of a nation.

In the words of Antoine Saint-Exupery, “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”

What extraordinary possibility are you able to see when you look at your ordinary circumstances? 

Your imagination is the key to your future—it determines what you will and will not ultimately achieve.

God revealed this truth in the very first book of the Bible where He stated, “Nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do” (Genesis 11:7 KJV).

Your thoughts attract the things that are dominant in your mind. A mind that is filled with faith is powerful, positive, hopeful, and peace-filled—it is cleared of the clutter of worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, and offense—therefore good is attracted to you and evil is repelled from you.

See through the eyes of faith and belief in what’s possible.

Before you can believe something, you must first be able to imagine it.

However, vision is not only the art of imagining, it is also the ability to bring what you’ve imagined to pass.

Take action now to realize the life you’ve imagined living, the things you’ve imagined doing, the industries you’ve imagined impacting, the people you’ve imagined influencing, and the world you’ve imagined changing for the better.

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When you understand that everything that is happening to you is revealing something that is happening in you, you can put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life.

I can’t think of a more important truth for you to grasp hold of as you redefine your destiny.

What is the bridge between what is . . . and what is possible?

Hello Tomorrow: The Transformational Power of Vision is a practical step-by-step guide that takes you from where you are today to what is possible tomorrow.

And it all begins with learning how to see.

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